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Putting the story in safe hands

During more than twenty years directing, it's always been a thrill to take a brief and bring a new story to life on screen. But I don't do it alone. Film making is a team sport, one where we share a vision and work together closely to realise it. So the major part of my job is to support everyone involved to play their roles. Whether seasoned actors or anxious first-timers, grizzled crew members or work experience kids, everyone on my set is in safe hands. That goes for clients too. And, especially, their stories. After seeing the work, I hope you agree. ​​

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About the work

My first job in the industry was sweeping the studio floor. Since then, I've worked as a stagehand, runner, location scout, PA, AD and more. I've built sets and dressed them, swung booms, pushed dollies, lit scenes, operated cameras and spent countless days (and nights) editing. Even done my time in front of the camera. It has all helped me understand my role as director, so I can ask for, and get, the best from all my collaborators, across every area of production. Please check out the work below. No matter which stories  you choose, I know we worked hard as a team to make them engaging and effective, we always had fun and we went home satisfied that we had done our best work.


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